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Not so long ago our great-grandparents and even grandparents approached food very different than we do today. In just the last 100 years, we’ve totally changed methods and circles of production, distribution and the way we eat. While globalization of the food cycle may afford us year-round selection of a wide variety of foods that grow in all kinds of climates, ready-made food convenience, and low retail costs, we believe there’s been a trade-off for these advantages. And we don’t believe it’s been worth the cost.

It’s been to our detriment in many ways. Commercially grown, industrially prepared food just doesn’t taste as good. It’s damaging to the land and cruel to the animals. And instead of nourishing us, it’s making us sick!

We believe that we, personally and collectively, are called to take our food production, distribution and eating back to a much smaller cycle.

We use self-sustaining methods that call to action the working relationships among the land, animals and plants without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. It means that we select our animals and plants for their ability to produce food as well as reproduce and survive. It also means that we honor God’s creation, exercise benevolent dominion and heed the original call of man, which has not been revoked… “Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.” Genesis 2:15. And it is repeated several times!

We make the food available for our immediate community. LIGHT Farms works in tandem with its retail store, SC Real Foods to create TRUE Farm to Table eating. Additionally, you’ll find our food in the menus of local restaurants. We love our community and want to minister to its health by providing locally grown and locally prepared food that is nourishing and tastes great.

For eating, this means taking hold of the concept of Real Food. Heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and obesity rates have spiked upward in just the last 100 years. Yet our grandparents and great-grandparents ate freely from all categories of food and were healthy. The way our food is grown and prepared makes all the difference. Let’s move away from processed foods and get back into the kitchen with raw ingredients. We want everyone to EAT well and BE well.

LIGHT Farms, along with SC Real Foods is committed to putting Real Food into the hands of the people in our community. We also want to be a resource of encouragement and education.

7 thoughts on “What We Do”

  1. Jane Windham says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! I am in love w eating right and wish we could go back in time to the way we did life then! It’s spendy now to eat Whole and organic and that’s so wrong. But God provides for us to change our way of living and eat as Whole and clean as we can. I love SC real foods and get my basics there like eggs, raw milk, raw cheese and such. I appreciate what you do! And all your hard work. I am re reading the book the Makers Diet by Jordan Rubin! Soooo good! Let food by thy medicine. I’m learning and slowly changing all we eat to be clean. We are from WA state. Born and raised on the west side, Seattle Tacoma area and also we lived in Spokane before we moved to Florence. What a culture shock for us but am so thankful for the few that are helping to provide organic foods, raw milk and farm to table veggies! Love love this! God bless you!
    Andy and wendy Foxx

  2. Judy Koon says:

    Val and Andrew,
    What you do…. is greatly appreciated and enjoyed much, and often. Thank you for following the lead of our blessed heavenly Father to invest your time, lives, family and business in His ministries. You are blessed and you have blessed us as well with healthy foods.
    To God Be The Glory!
    Labon and Judy Koon

  3. Tina Boyle says:

    I too appreciate what you do! It is a blessing to so many. Thank you for working so hard to make such good things accessible to us here in Florence!

  4. Mary Marshall says:

    Having been a fan for a few years now, I personally love what you do and thank you for doing it.

  5. Jane Windham says:

    Val, you would be the one to take the road less travelled! I am thankful to be a part of support. Many more would and will be supporters when each spending plan is put in place. Knowledge in “good food and products, smarter spending, and stretching meals and smart food preparation in place. We have become so smart but have less true wisdom. May the Lord continue blessing your hands and business and family. Thank you. Sandra

  6. Jane Windham says:

    I am a health coach and I love that we finally have a reliable source of real food in the florence community! Thank you for all you do!!!

  7. Jane Windham says:

    You and the store are the ONLY HEALTHY FOOD in Flo, We are the stroke capital of the country, and a BIG reason is DIET. THX AND GOD BLESS!!!

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