Eggs & Poultry

LIGHT Farms Eggs

There are A LOT of egg choices in the grocery store. And looking over them all and trying to decide which is best – cage free, nest, fresh, free-range, natural, organic, omega3, pastured, vegetarian fed… can make you crazy! (Below is a list of resources to learn more about these ambiguous and confusing terms.)

BUT! One thing is for certain…

Everyone agrees that the very BEST eggs are

  • Allowed to truly free-range
  • Eat bugs
  • Eat ORGANIC feed
  • Not fed any type of antibiotics or hormones
  • From heritage breed hens

LIGHT Farms eggs are the ONLY commercially available eggs in this region that can boast this amazingness.  You can find our eggs at our retail store, SC Real Foods.

We’re very proud to present these top-of-the-line eggs to our community.  And if you have any questions about our birds or our practices, please let us know below in the comments.

Please enjoy the photos and videos below.

Here’s a peek inside the coop nesting boxes where the hens are laying.

Unnaturally large eggs sometimes have ANOTHER whole egg inside them or sometimes you get a double yolk (weird, huh?). It’s always fun to crack them open and see what you’ve got.

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